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Student Handbook 2020-2021 
Student Handbook 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Emergency Services

For any fire, police or medical emergency call University Police immediately at:


(Only the last four digits are necessary on campus phones)

Or go to one of the yellow emergency telephones on cam­pus. Be prepared to:

  • Give your location
  • Describe the nature of the emergency
  • Respond to questions and instructions from the University Police dispatcher

The appropriate city or other emergency teams will be sent to your location.

Dialing 911 from campus:

Ambulance (medical emergency) 911
Mobile Intensive Care (Trauma) 911
Fire 911

Note: You may dial the 911 Emergency Center from campus three ways:

  1. 9 + 911
  2. 911 + #
  3. 911

If you dial 911 there will be approximately a 10-second delay before the 911 Emergency Center will ring; however, the call will go through. We recommend dialing either 9+911 or 911+#.

Other Emergency Numbers
(When using a campus phone, dial 9 before dialing phone number)
Scranton Police Department 570-348-4141
University Counseling Center 570-941-7620
Student Health Services 570-941-7667
Scranton Counseling Center 570-348-6100
Women’s Resource Center of Lackawanna County 570-346-4671
American Red Cross/Lackawanna County 570-207-0100
Poison Control Center  1 (800)222-1222
Hospital Emergency Services  
Geisinger Community Medical Center 570-969-8000
Regional Hospital of Scranton Commonwealth Health 570-348-7951
Moses Taylor Hospital Commonwealth Health 570-340-2900