Nov 29, 2023  
2020-2021 Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Important Phone Numbers


Academic Advising:  
  College of Arts and Sciences 570-941-6323
  Kania School of Management 570-941-6100
  Panuska College of Professional Studies 570-941-6390
Academic Affairs, Senior Vice President for & Provost 570-941-7520
Athletics  570-941-7440
Bookstore  570-941-7454
Bursar’s Office 570-941-4062
Byron Recreation Complex 570-941-6203
Campus Ministries 570-941-7419
Cancellation/Delay Line 570-941-5999
Center for Career Development 570-941-7640

Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW)


Center for Service and Social Justice 570-941-7429
Center for Student Engagement (CSE) 570-941-6233
Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) 570-941-4038
Counseling Center 570-941-7620
Cross Cultural Centers  
  Jane Kopas Women’s Center (JKWC) 570-941-6194
  Multicultural Center 570-941-5904
Deans (Academic):  
  College of Arts and Sciences 570-941-7560
  Kania School of Management 570-941-4208
  Panuska College of Professional Studies 570-941-6305
Dean of Students 570-941-7680
Dining Services 570-941-7456
Equity and Diversity Office 570-941-6645
Escort (Safety) Service (University Police-Non Emergency) 570-941-7888
Events Line 570-941-7768
Financial Aid 570-941-7701
Fitness Center  570-941-5502
Global Education Office 570-941-7575
General Information 570-941-7400
Library (Reference Desk) 570-941-4000
Mailing Services (DeNaples Center) 570-941-4282
Military Science (ROTC) 570-941-7457
Military Science Information/ Scholarships 570-941-6336
Off-Campus and Commuter Student Life 570-941-6292
Parking Services 570-941-7888
Performance Music 570-941-7624
Printing Services - Print Shop 570-941-4198
Provost/Academic Vice President 570-941-7520
University Police (Non Emergency) 570-941-7888
Reading Specialist 570-941-4218
Recreational Sports 570-941-6203
Registrar and Academic Services 570-941-7721
Residence Life 570-941-6226
Royal Card (ID) 570-941-4357
Student Clubs and Organizations 570-941-6233
Division of Student Life 570-941-7680
Student Government 570-941-7462
Student Health Services 570-941-7667
Technology Support Center 570-941-4357
Veterans Representative 570-941-7701

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The University of Scranton is a Catholic, Jesuit educational institution serving men and women, and is committed to affirmative action to assure equal opportunity for all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disabilities, sex, sexual orientation, age or veteran status.