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Graduate Studies Catalog 2017-2018 
Graduate Studies Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree: Business Administration/ Health Administration

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The MBA/MHA Dual Degree Program integrates the AACSB-accredited MBA curriculum with the CAHME-accredited MHA curriculum for both the residential and online student. Competencies have been mapped to assure compliance with both accreditation bodies. The total credit hour completion for this dual degree is seventy (70) credits if HAD 581 : Administrative Residency is required, or sixty-five (65) credits if HAD 580 : Internship is required. Students must meet all admission criteria for both programs.

  • All of the degree requirements of both the MBA and MHA must be satisfied;
  • Up to seven one-credit MBA Modules may be required depending upon the student’s undergraduate education. MBA Foundation Modules are to be completed within the first year of the program.
  • Many students have acquired “experiential learning” outside a formal college or university classroom in jobs or military service. The MBA program may waive foundation course requirements for such experiences. Students wishing to have this learning assessed for possible course waiver must document relevant experiences and the knowledge gained from them for review by faculty of the program.
  • Students are expected to take the cornerstone course MGT 501  early in the program, ideally as their first regular course, but no later than as their third regular course.
  • HAD 501 , HAD 505 , HAD 519  and MGT 505  are foundational/core courses that are to be taken in the first year.
  • To be eligible to enroll in MGT 509  , a student must (i) have completed MGT 501 , (ii) have completed (or received a waiver) for all twelve Foundation Modules, and (iii) be in their final semester of coursework prior to their Administrative Residency.
  • In meeting the MBA requirements, a student is limited to a maximum of four courses in a given focus area. For example, a student may choose to take FIN 508 , FIN 581 , FIN 583  and FIN 584 . A specialization consists of three courses above 509 in one focus area.
  • All students must take at least one course that has been designated as an “International course” (ACC 525 , ECO 583 , FIN 584 , HAD 517 , IB 505 , MGT 556 , MIS 577 , MKT 563 , MKT 596  and OM 540 ).
  • All combined MBA/MHA dual degree students are required to complete one (1) MHA elective course, and one (1) MBA core/advanced elective.

Admission Requirements for On-campus Program

Applicants must meet the admissions requirements of both residential MHA and the MBA programs to be admitted into the MBA/MHA Dual Degree Program.

The following is required to apply for admission:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an American College or University which is accredited, or equivalent from an International College or University;
  • Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 on a grading scale of 4.00;
  • Completed Graduate School Application;
  • Official transcripts;
  • Three letters of reference from people capable of evaluating an applicant’s ability to succeed in this program;
  • Resume and career statement with career goals;
  • Score of 550 (paper) or 213 (computer) or 80 (internet) on the TOEFL exam for international students; Step Test-Pre-1st; IELTS-Band 6
  • Personal interview with the MHA Program Director and others.
  • Official GMAT score report (Students with three or more years of professional, full-time work experience may be eligible to submit a solution to a case study in lieu of the GMAT).


Admission Requirements for Online Program

Applicants who wish to meet some or all of the program requirements online must meet the admissions requirements of the residential MBA/MHA Dual Degree Program (above) as well as the following requirements for online programs.

  • Must have at least 3 years of managerial or supervisory work experience;
  • Submit a signed affidavit from a senior executive verifying at least 3 years of managerial work experience;
  • Submit a case study (topic provided by your MBA Program Manager during the application process);
  • At least one of the letters of reference must be from senior executive other than the one signing the affidavit verifying 3 years of managerial experience;
  • International students must have a minimum TOEFL of 575 (paper).


Course Requirements (All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

MBA Foundation Modules – up to seven 1-credit modules required

Core Courses - 56 credits required

ACC 502  - Accounting for Management

FIN 508  - Financial Management

HAD 501  - Health Care Financial Management I*

HAD 502  - Health Care Law

HAD 504  - Human Resources Management

HAD 505  - Health Care Statistics and Research Methods*

HAD 506  - Health Care Economics and Policy

HAD 508  - Leadership in Health Care Organizations

HAD 509  - Administrative Issues

HAD 519  - Health Services and Systems*

HAD 521  - Health Care Financial Management II

HAD 523  - Health Care IT Management (2 cr.)

HAD 525  - Health Care Ethics

MGT 501  - Responsibility, Sustainability & Justice*

MGT 505  - Organizational Behavior*

MGT 509  - Business Policy

MKT 506  - Marketing Management

OM 503  - Operations Management

OM 545  - Quality Management

(* indicates foundation courses to be taken in first year)

MHA Elective Courses – 3 credits required

HAD 510  - Hospital Administration

HAD 512  - Medical Practice Administration

HAD 513  - Long Term Care Administration

HAD 517  - Global Health Management

HAD 526  - Grants Writing and Management

MBA Core and Advanced Electives – 3 credits required

International Requirement

All students must take at least one course that has been designated as an “International course” (ACC 525 , ECO 583 , FIN 584 , HAD 517 , IB 505 , MGT 556 , MIS 577 , MKT 563 , MKT 596  and OM 540 ).


HAD Fieldwork Courses – 3 to 8 credits required

(Credits required based upon prior work experience; to be determined at time of admission)

HAD 580  - Internship in Health Administration (3 credits)

HAD 581  - Administrative Residency (8 credits)

HAD 583  - Externship in Health Administration (1 credit)

Credits for the Combined Degree: 62 credits coursework plus 3-8 credits fieldwork plus any required MBA Foundation Modules


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