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Graduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Software Engineering, MS

Admission Requirements

The following are the normal admission requirements for the program. In making an admission decision, all of the information about an applicant will be viewed in combination. No single factor among those listed below will either qualify or disqualify an individual for admission to the program.

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum grade average of 3.00 (based on a scale of 4.00). Official transcripts of previous academic work must be submitted. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is preferred, but not required. At least one year’s experience in software development is highly desirable.

2. Three letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with the software development work of the candidate. Letters from current and former professors who can comment on the candidate’s technical expertise are acceptable.

3. Demonstrable knowledge equivalent to undergraduate courses in

     a. Programming in an object-oriented language (Java, C++, Eiffel,…)

     b. Operating systems.

     c. Discrete mathematics.

     d. Data structures.

     e. File Processing.

    Students lacking such background but otherwise highly qualified for admission may be admitted on condition that certain undergraduate courses in the above areas be completed.

4. International students whose native language is not English must demonstrate their proficiency in English. Please refer to International Students for information on acceptable English proficiency tests and test score requirements.

5. A one- or two paragraph statement of objectives and expectations in enrolling in the program. This statement should be submitted along with the Application for Admission to the program.

6. Students are normally admitted for entrance in the fall term.


Total Program Credits: 36 credits

  Courses Credits
Fundamentals (12 credits)    
SE 500   Mathematics for Software Engineering 3
SE 501   Introduction to Software Development 3
SE 504   Formal Methods and Models 3
SE 507   Requirements Analysis and Software Specification 3
Advanced Courses (18 credits)    
SE 510   Principles and Applications of Software Design 3
SE 518   Software Security 3
SE 524   Software Project Management 3
Elective   3
Elective   3
Elective   3
Elective   3
Thesis Project (6 credits)    
SE 598   Project Analysis and Design 3
SE 599   Project Implementation and Evaluation 3
Totals Program Credits 36 credits








Capstone Experience

Each student is required to complete a thesis project; which is normally done during his/her last year in the program. A faculty member works with the student as the project advisor and at least one other faculty member must read and approve the student’s thesis report. A thesis project normally involves the development of a software system and it requires the use of tools, techniques, and theory learned from previous courses. The student is required to defend his/her thesis publicly. Six credits are awarded for the thesis project via the two-semester course sequence SE 598  and SE 599 .