Jun 17, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Business Leadership Honors Program Minor

The Business Leadership Honors Program Minor supports the Kania School of Management’s tradition of excellence by developing students into ethical business leaders who are grounded in Jesuit ideals.  Supporting the principle of cura personalis, the program provides personalized guidance and direction through academic challenges and interaction with distinguished business leaders.  A rigorous curriculum focused on leadership enrichment and thoroughly prepares students to distinguish themselves as reflective and socially responsible leaders empowered to ignite positive change in society.

This minor is available only for students in the Business Leadership program.

 Junior Year:

 Fall Semester:  
   BLDR 351 - Principles of Management  
   BLDR 385 - Self-Assessment Business Leadership Seminar #1  
 Spring Semester:  
   BLDR 355 - (P) Business Ethics  
   BLDR 386 - Empowerment Business Leadership Seminar #2  

 Senior Year:

 Fall Semester:  
   BLDR 455 - Policy and Planning  
   BLDR 485 - Mentorship Business Leadership Seminar #3  
   BLDR 487 - Successful Consulting: Theory & Practice  
 Spring Semester:  
   BLDR 484 - Eloquentia Negotialis  
   BLDR 486 - Senior Project Business Leadership Seminar #4