May 23, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Mathematics, BS

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Major Electives

The student majoring in Mathematics must take at least 21 credits of major electives. Major electives are selected from Mathematics courses numbered above 300; also PHYS 350 - Applied and Engineering Mathematics , PHYS 351 - Mathematical Physics II , or CMPS 364 - Theory of Computation . The student must select as an elective at least one of MATH 447 - Real Analysis II  or MATH 449 - Modern Algebra II , and at least one course from each of the following three sets:

1) Analysis Set

2) Algebra/Geometry Set

3) Applied Set

*Most mathematics electives are offered every other year.  Check with the department chair for the current schedule.

Cognate Electives

The student majoring in Mathematics must take at least 11 credits of cognate electives, including at least one of DS 201 - (Q) Introduction to Data Science  or CMPS 134 - Computer Science I / CMPS 134L   Cognate electives are selected from the following.

Mathematics Curriculum

  Department and Number - Descriptive Title of Course Fall Cr. Spr. Cr.

First Year

MAJOR (GE QUAN) MATH 114 - (Q) Calculus I  — MATH 221 - Calculus II   4 4
COGNATE COGNATE ELECT - Cognate Electivea 3  
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Electivea   3
EP FYDT-FYOC - GE WRTG Level I Digital Technology (FYDT)-Level I Oral Communication (FYOC)bWRTG 107 - (FYW) Composition   3 3
GE PHIL–T/RS PHIL 120 - Introduction to Philosophy  — T/RS 121 - (P) Theology I: Introduction to the Bible   3 3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Electivesa 3 3
GE FYS First Year Seminar 1    
    16 16

Second Year

MAJOR MATH 222 - Calculus III  — MATH 299 - (EPW) Introduction to Mathematical Proof   4 4
MAJOR MATH 351 - Linear Algebra     3
COGNATE COGNATE ELECT - Cognate Electivesa 4 4
GE PHIL–T/RS PHIL 210 - Ethics  — T/RS 122 - (P) Theology II: Introduction to Christian Theology   3 3
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Electivea 3  
    14 14

Third Year

MAJOR MATH 446 - Real Analysis I  — MAJOR ELECT - Major Electivea 3 3
MAJOR MATH 448 - Modern Algebra I  — MAJOR ELECT - Major Electivea 3 3
GE NSCI NSCI ELECT - Natural Science Electivesa,c 3 3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Electivesa 3 3
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Electivesa,c 3 3
    15 15

Fourth Year

MAJOR MATH ELECT - Mathematics Electivesa 9 6
GE PHIL OR T/RS PHIL ELECT - Philosophy Elective or T/RS ELECT - Theology Electivea   3
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Electivesa 6 6
    15 15

TOTAL: 120 Credits  

1The selection of a First Year Seminar is likely to fulfill requirements both for the First Year Seminar and a General Education Requirement. Thus, the First Year Seminar will not add to the total credits for the semester.  Talk with your advisor if you have any questions.

aFree electives, major electives, cognate electives, and/or GE electives may be used to fulfill the GE requirements of a second (EPW) course and two (D) courses.

bIf the EP FYDT-FYOC requirements are satisfied through completion of cognate elective(s), then an additional free elective will be required.

cIf completed cognate elective(s) are natural science (E) course(s) or social/behavioral science (S) course(s), then additional free elective(s) will be required.

The results of the placement tests administered prior to the first semester assist students and their advisors in choosing the proper beginning-level mathematics sequence and the proper entry-level within that sequence. If a course is a prerequisite for a second course, directly or indirectly, and a student receives credit for the second course then that student will not be allowed to register for the prerequisite course. Mathematics majors are required to take the Math Major Field Test in order to graduate.