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Graduate Studies Catalog 2022-2023 
Graduate Studies Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, MS

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Curriculum for Chemistry MS

Course Requirements: Core courses are those, within each program, that are required of all candidates. Since these are the fundamental courses that form the basis of the comprehensive examinations, it is essential that they be taken first in any candidate’s program before any electives.

Total Program Credits: 30 credits

Core Courses   Courses Credits
CHEM 530   Structural Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM 531   Mechanistic Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM 540   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM 562   Advanced Quantum Chemistry 3
CHEM 563   Advanced Thermodynamics and Equilibrium 3
CHEM 570   Advanced Analytical Chemistry 3
CHEM 571   Analytical Methods* 3
Elective Credits Students take elective credits to get to the thirty-credit level required for the degree. Electives may be taken from any of the following categories:  

Thesis: Students in the Thesis track will take one credit of CHEM 509  (Introduction to Research) and two to eight credits of thesis work (CHEM 599 ). The number of thesis credits will be determined in consultation with the student’s mentor, depending on the scope of the thesis project. Normally, eight thesis credits are devoted to the project.


Other Chemistry courses:  Students may select other graduate courses offered by the Chemistry department, in consultation with their mentor, to complete their electives.

Total Program Credits 30 credits

 *May be waived for those individuals who have previously taken an equivalent instrumental analysis laboratory course.

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