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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Combined, B.S./MAcc Program

The Accounting Department offers interested and qualified students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and a Master of Accountancy degree. With judicious course scheduling, students can complete the program within as few as four academic years. This program was developed in response to the adoption by most states of a 150-credit-hour educational requirement to become a Certified Public Accountant and to provide students with the opportunity to work full-time in the profession, while completing the last year of the program either online or on campus.

Students interested in the combined B.S./MAcc degree program should apply as incoming freshman to reserve a seat and inform academic advising. In addition, students should apply to Graduate Admissions as early as December of their junior year. Acceptance into the combined program is based on the student’s previous academic performance and statement of purpose. Students must adhere to requirements as listed in the Graduate Studies Catalog.

Combined, B.S./MAcc Program Curriculum





First Year

  ACC 251 - Financial Accounting I             ECO 153 - (S) Principles of Microeconomics  (online)   ACC 252 - Financial Accounting II    HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective (online)
  WRTG 107 - (FYW) Composition       ECO 154 - (S) Principles of Macroeconomics    FREE ELECT HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective
  PHIL 120 - Introduction to Philosophy       T/RS 121 - (P) Theology I: Introduction to the Bible    
 MATH ELECT - Mathematics Elective      BUS 140 - (FYDT,FYOC) Business Information & Oral Proficiency    
 HUMN ELECT/First Year Seminar      MATH ELECT - Mathematics Elective  
15 credts
3 credits
15 credits
6 credits

Second Year

  ACC 361 Intermediate Accounting I                     ACC 363 - Federal Taxes     ACC 362 - Intermediate Accounting II  

ACC 461 - Cost Accounting /ACC 526 - Managerial Accounting (MAcc Cross listed) (online)*

  STAT 251 - (Q) Statistics for Business I                                                                    STAT 252 - (Q) Statistics for Business II     MGT 251 - Legal Environment of Business  
  PHIL 210 - Ethics                                                T/RS 122 - (P) Theology II: Introduction to Christian Theology    
 NSCI ELECT - Natural Science Elective    NSCI ELECT - Natural Science Elective  
 HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective    HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective  
  FIN 251 - Introduction to Finance      PHIL or T/RS ELECT - Philosophy or Theology Elective    
18 credits
3 credits
18 credits
6 credits

Third Year


  ACC 460 - Advanced Accounting I /ACC 540 Contemporary Financial Accounting Topics
(MAcc Cross listed)*

  MGT 352 - MGT II: Leading People     MKT 351 - Introduction to Marketing    FREE ELECT - Free Elective (online)
  MGT 351 - MGT I: Managing Organizations    FREE ELECT - Free Elective (online)   OIM 352 - Introduction to Operations Management     MGT 455 - Business Policy and Strategy  
 GE FREE ELECT - Free Elective    ACC 474 - Accounting Information Systems  (condensed for interns)  
  OIM 351 - Introduction to Business Analytics                                                                             Winter Internship/Major Elective  
  ACC 364 - (EPW) Auditing Theory                                                                              
  ECO/IB 351 - (D) Environment of International Business        
18 credits
6 credits
12 credits
6 credits

Fourth Year

 MAcc (oncampus or online)  MAcc (oncampus or online)  MAcc (oncampus or online)  
 MAcc (oncampus or online)    MAcc (oncampus or online)  
 MAcc (oncampus or online)    MAcc (oncampus or online)  
 MAcc (oncampus or online)      
12 credits
3 credits
9 credits

*See the Graduate Studies Catalog for course descriptions.