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Graduate Studies Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate Studies Catalog 2021-2022

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD)

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The Department of Occupational Therapy offers a doctorate in occupational therapy (OTD), an entry-level practitioner degree which is designed to give the motivated student increased exposure and experience in research, evidence-based practices and leadership roles. The full program requires 6 1/2 years: 4 years of undergraduate coursework (127 credits) and 2 1/2 years of graduate coursework including two summers of fieldwork (53 credits).


At the end of the junior year students in good standing and with a GPA of a least 3.0 may apply for entry into the OTD track; admissions will be limited to top candidates and is not guaranteed. (Students not entering the OTD track will remain in the MS track).

Fieldwork Requirement

All students engage in three Level I fieldwork assignments during the undergraduate years: 40 hours for each rotation associated with practice courses in children and youth, mental health, and physical rehabilitation. Two 12-week Level II fieldwork assignments are completed during the two summers of the graduate years.


Following successful completion of all coursework and fieldwork the OTD student must complete an off-site, 14-week Capstone Experience that furthers professional knowledge in one or more of the following eight areas:  clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education and theory development. Preparation for the Capstone occurs over the course of three semesters under the supervision of a faculty mentor and in conjunction with a community mentor.

Academic Regulations

All OTD students are expected to conform to the regulations stated in both The University of Scranton Graduate Studies Catalog and the Department of Occupational Therapy Student Handbook. Additional information about the program is available at the Occupational Therapy website.

Curriculum OTD Degree

Total undergraduate (127) and graduate (53) credits for the OTD Degree: 180


Course Titles


Undergraduate Courses

BS in Health Sciences required for admission into the graduate program, including OT 491 and OT 493 (see Undergraduate Catalog for full listing of required courses)

 127 cr

OT 581  

OT Level II Fieldwork- I (Equivalency Credit)*


OT 520  

Advanced Occupational Performance I


OT 521  

Advanced Occupational Performance II


OT 526  

Neurocognitive and Neuromotor Challenges


OT 525  

Occupational Therapy in Community Settings


OT 530  

Topics in Occupational Therapy I


OT 531  

Topics in Occupational Therapy II


OT 542  

Understanding Disability and the Therapeutic Relationship


OT 550  

Graduate Seminar in Theory


OT 582  

OT Level II Fieldwork-II (Equivalency Credit)*


OT 701  

Doctoral Capstone I 


OT 702  

Doctoral Capstone II


OT 703  

Doctoral Capstone III


OT 730  

Topics in Occupational Therapy III


OT 744  

Advanced Leadership Principles, Ethics & Pragmatics


OT 750  

Advanced Assessment Across the Lifespan


OT 780  

Capstone Experience





Total Program Credits


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