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Graduate Studies Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate Studies Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MD - MHA Dual Degree

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The University of Scranton and Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to offer a dual degree program in Medicine (MD) and Health Administration (MHA). The Doctor of Medicine and the Master of Health Administration (MD-MHA) is an innovative dual degree program that combines the strengths of two highly-specialized degree programs to train future physicians for roles as healthcare administrators and leaders in the delivery of healthcare services. As healthcare organizations respond to the dynamic changes in healthcare, the dual MD-MHA degree program will integrate leadership and management functions in the medical and clinical environment to meet the demand for delivering the most efficient and highest quality healthcare. The MD degree will be conferred by Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and the MHA degree by The University of Scranton.

Generally, students will apply first to GCSOM. Accepted CGSOM students will then apply to The University of Scranton. A MHA student may make application to the MD program at GCSOM. MHA students who are admitted to the MD program may be required to develop an alternate MHA program of study.

Preferred Course Sequence:
     TCMC  University of Scranton
 Year 1 Fall Medical Courses  
  Spring Medical Courses  
  Summer    HAD 522 , HAD 523 , HAD 525  
 Year 2 Fall Medical Courses  HAD 519  
  Spring Medical Courses  HAD 500  
  Summer    HAD 582  
 Year 3 Fall    HAD 501 , HAD 502 , HAD 504 , HAD 508 , HAD 515  
  Spring    HAD 505 , HAD 506 , HAD 509 , HAD 521  
  Summer Medical Courses  
 Year 4 Fall Medical Courses  
  Spring Medical Courses  
  Summer Medical Courses  
 Year 5 Fall Medical Courses  HAD 581  
  Spring Medical Courses  HAD 581  

Financial Aid

Students will apply for financial aid with GCSOM in Years 1, 2, 4, 5. Students will apply for financial aid with The University of Scranton in Year 3. The amount of aid eligibility for year 3 will be different from the other years. The aid awarded in Years 1 and 5 may be insufficient to cover the cost of tuition at the University of Scranton in those years.

For information about the MHA program at the University of Scranton, go to academic.scranton.edu/department/HAHR/mha/

For information about the combined MD-MHA program, please visit www.geisinger.edu/education/academics/md-program/md-mha-dual-degree

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