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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, BA

The major in Theatre offers a broad-based liberal arts degree for the theatre generalist. The Theatre major prepares the student for further, more focused training in the theatrical arts through a wide variety of courses in performance arts, technical theatre, design arts, directing, theatre history, playwriting and dramatic literature. Students may focus their programs of study to some degree toward specific interests in these areas of theatre through the use of electives within the major.

Theatre majors are strongly encouraged to complete either a minor (perhaps in English or Writing) or a second major (perhaps in English). Other combinations are possible.

Theatre majors are required to participate in University Players productions; Theatre minors are strongly encouraged to do so. All students with an interest in theatre, whatever their major, are invited to participate in University Players productions. (See also “Theatre” under Extracurricular Activities.)

Students majoring in Theatre are required to take three introductory courses in Theatre, Acting, and Technical Theatre (THTR 110 , THTR 151 , THTR 121 ), two Theatre History courses (THTR 211 , THTR 212 ), Design for the Theatre THTR 213 , Directing I (THTR 311 ), and 5 credits of Production Laboratory (THTR 280 THTR 380 ). Four elective courses in Theatre round out the major. Introduction to Drama (ENLT 122 ), and at least one other course in Dramatic Literature are required in the student’s cognate area. Courses which would satisfy the Dramatic Literature requirement include ENLT 211 , ENLT 220 , ENLT 295 , ENLT 340 , ENLT 341 , ENLT 355 , ENLT 369 , ENLT 461 .

For more information about the English and Theatre department, visit its website.


Theatre Curriculum

  Department and Number - Descriptive Title of Course Fall Cr. Spr. Cr.

First Year


THTR 110 (CL) Introduction to Theatre THTR 151 (CA) Introduction to Acting 

3 3
MAJOR THTR 121 Introduction to Technical Theatre  4  
COGNATE ENLT 122 (CL) Introduction to Drama    3
GE SPCH WRTG 107 Composition COMM 100 Public Speaking  3 3
GE C/IL C/IL 102 Computing and Information Literacy  3  
GE QUAN QUAN ELECT - Quantitative Reasoning Elective   3
GE PHIL–T/RS PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy T/RS 121 (P) Theology I: Introduction to the Bible  3 3
GE FSEM–PHED First Year Seminars 3–PHED ELECT - Physical Education   1
    16 16

Second Year

MAJOR THTR 211 (CL) Theatre History I THTR 212 (CL) Theatre History II  3 3
MAJOR THTR 213 (CA) Design for the Theatre    3
MAJOR THTR 280 Production Laboratory  1  
COGNATE COGNATE ELECT - Cognate Elective (Dramatic Literature)2 3  
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Elective 3  
GE PHIL or T/RS PHIL 210 Ethics T/RS 122 (P) Theology II: Introduction to Christian Theology  3 3
GE NSCI NSCI ELECT - Natural Science Electives 3 3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective   3
GE PHED PHED ELECT - Physical Education 1 1
    17 16

Third Year

MAJOR THTR 311 Directing I    3
MAJOR THTR ELECT - Theatre Electives1 3 3
MAJOR THTR 280 Production Laboratory  1 1
COGNATE COGNATE ELECT - Cognate Elective2 6 3
GE PHIL or T/RS PHIL - Philosophy or T/RS ELECT - T/RS Elective 3  
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Elective   3
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Electives 3 3
    16 16

Fourth Year

MAJOR THTR ELECT-  Theatre Electives 3 3
MAJOR THTR 280 Production Laboratory  1 1
COGNATE COGNATE ELECT - Cognate Electives 3 6
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Electives 6 6
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective 3  
    16 16

Total: 129 Credits

1Major electives: the Theatre major must select four electives from the following: any THTR course at the 200 level or higher; WRTG 215 , WRTG 315 , and ENLT courses 200 level or higher that qualify as dramatic literature courses.

2Cognate electives must include two courses in dramatic literature; one of these must be ENLT 122 .

3The selection of a First Year Seminar is likely to fulfill requirements both for the First Year Seminar and a General Education Requirement.  Thus, the First Year Seminar will not add to the total credits for the semester.  Talk with your advisor if you have any questions.