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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Technology, BS

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The Medical Technology degree program, under the direction of Dr. David Marx, is designed to train and qualify students as medical technologists or clinical laboratory scientists serving hospitals, clinical laboratories, industrial or research institutions. The program meets and exceeds the requirements of the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). The program involves the satisfactory completion of the first three years of a curriculum of study (indicated below) at the University of Scranton and the fourth year of clinical education at a hospital having a School of Medical Technology approved by NAACLS. After completing the program, students take a national certification examination. To date the University has arranged affiliation with hospitals in the cities of Abington, Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre.

The curriculum for the Medical Technology program closely parallels the Biochemistry program so that students have the option to change to the latter after two years, should their career goals change.

For more information about the Chemistry department, visit its website.


Medical Technology Curriculum

  Department and Number - Descriptive Title of Course
Fall Cr. Spr. Cr.

First Year

MAJOR (GE NSCI) CHEM 112-113 (E) General and Analytical Chemistry /CHEM 112L-113L  4.5 4.5
COGNATE (GE QUAN) MATH 103 (Q) Pre-Calculus Mathematics MATH 114 (Q) Calculus I  4 4
GE ELECTIVE BIOL 141 (E) General Biology BIOL 142 (E) General Biology  4.5 4.5
GE SPCH COMM 100 Public Speaking    3
GE C/IL C/IL 102 Computing and Information Literacy  3  
GE FSEM - PHED First Year Seminars 2 –PHED ELECT - Physical Education   1
    16 17

Second Year

MAJOR CHEM 232 (E) Organic Chemistry /CHEM 232L CHEM 233 (E) Organic Chemistry /CHEM 233L  4.5 4.5
GE ELECT BIOL 250 Microbiology (C,O,M) BIOL 245 (W: lab only) General Physiology (O)  5 4.5
GE TR/S T/RS 121 (P) Theology I: Introduction to the Bible T/RS 122 (P) Theology II: Introduction to Christian Theology  3 3
GE PHIL PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy  3  
GE WRTG WRTG 107 Composition  3  
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Elective   3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective   3
    18.5 18

Third Year

MAJOR CHEM 350 General Biochemistry I  3  
MAJOR CHEM 370 Instrumental Analysis /CHEM 370L    5
COGNATE BIOL 344 Principles of Immunology (C,O,M)    3
GE PHIL - PHIL OR T/RS PHIL 210 Ethics  or T/RS ELECT - Elective 3 3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective 6 3
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Elective 3  
GE PHED PHED ELECT - Physical Education 1 1
    16 15

Fourth Year1

MAJOR Clinical Education    
MAJOR Clinical Microbiology    
MAJOR Clinical Chemistry    
MAJOR Clinical Hematology/Coagulation    
MAJOR Clinical Immunohematology    
MAJOR Clinical Immunology/Serology    
MAJOR Clinical Seminar    
    16 16

Total: 132.5 Credits

1 There is a $125 Clinical Year Fee charged for each semester of senior year to cover University administrative costs. The student is not, however, charged University tuition for the credits earned in senior year. Some hospitals may charge their own fees. The department has an outstanding record in having its students accepted into medical-technology programs. It should be clear, however, that admission to clinical education is competitive and dependent on the student’s academic record and success in the interview. The hospital is responsible for selection. A delay in beginning the clinical education may delay a student’s graduation. Credits for senior-year courses vary from 28 to 32, depending on the hospital. Course titles in that year may also vary.

2The selection of a First Year Seminar is likely to fulfill requirements both for the First Year Seminar and a General Education Requirement.  Thus, the First Year Seminar will not add to the total credits for the semester.  Talk with your advisor if you have any questions.

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