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Graduate Studies Catalog 2011-2012 
Graduate Studies Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

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This program is an online program offered through the University of Scranton learning management system.

The superintendent of a school district is the chief educational leader of a dynamic educational organization. In his/her role there are specific functions which must be performed. Each person brings his/her own unique personality to this role. Much of the skills and knowledge necessary to function are similar from setting to setting while others are site-specific. The objective of this program is to provide both general and unique competencies.

The superintendent is the chief executive officer of a school district. He/she must serve as the educational leader of the community and as the manager of the human and fiscal resources of the school district. As managers, superintendents succeed by cooperating with staff, board, and community. Therefore, the traditional skills of management must be coupled with human relations skills and sensitivity to socio-economic forces within the community. Superintendents must have technical, human, and conceptual ability.

This program is designed to develop superintendents and assistant superintendents competent to plan, to monitor, and to evaluate activities touching many roles. Leaders must delegate. Therefore, the goal is not that program participants be experts in all areas but rather that they be competent to provide leadership and to accept accountability for all activities. Courses and experiences emphasize that education is a human process requiring group support and involvement if administration is to be successful.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting CGCE admission standards  and the departmental requirements  in the Education section of this catalog, the candidate must meet the following requirements for acceptance into the program:

  1. Possess a Master’s degree with a GPA of 3.50;
  2. Have three years professional experience as a school administrator/supervisor;
  3. Submit a resume, including educational background, work experiences, references, and any additional pertinent material;
  4. Hold or be eligible for a Pennsylvania elementary/secondary principal or supervisor certificate at the point of application for initial Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility;
  5. Submit a statement of purpose for enrolling.

Program Requirements

It is expected that applicants have certain specific courses in their educational background. To ascertain what courses may be required in addition to the course requirements for the superintendent sequence, please see the program director.

The course sequence specific to the preparation of superintendents and assistant superintendents represents 21 credits, three of which are the Superintendent’s Role Seminar and Internship. These experiences place students into an educational setting under the immediate supervision of a practicing superintendent. A contracted program of role-related experience will be developed which considers the needs of the candidate. Candidates will function in para-administrative capacities during this year-long sequence of field-related clinical experiences.

The course requirements for the Superintendent Letter of Eligibility are as follows:

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