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Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The University provides a pre-engineering program which introduces the student to the highly technical training necessary for all phases of the engineering profession. This is a two-year course of study which enables the student to transfer to another school to complete his or her degree work. Transfer schools have included: Lehigh, Bucknell, Penn State and Drexel.

Generally, different engineering programs have slightly different requirements which must be completed before starting the junior year. These will vary from school to school. Therefore, students should, before beginning the sophomore year, consult with an advisor at the institution at which they plan to complete their studies.

For more information about the Physics and Electrical Engineering department, visit its website.


Pre-Engineering Transfer Program Curriculum

  Department and Number - Descriptive Title of Course Fall

First Year

COGNATE (GE NSCI) PHYS 140/140L (E) Elements of Physics I PHYS 141/141L (E) Elements of Physics II  4 4
COGNATE CMPS 134 Computer Science I    3
COGNATE (GE QUAN) MATH 114 (Q) Calculus I MATH 221 Calculus II  4 4
GE WRTG–SPCH WRTG 107 Composition COMM 100 Public Speaking  3 3
GE C/IL C/IL 102 Computing and Information Literacy  3  
GE PHIL PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy  3  
GE T/RS T/RS 121 (P) Theology I: Introduction to the Bible    3
GE FSEM INTD 100 Freshman Seminar  1  
GE PHED PHED ELECT - Physical Education   1
    18 18

Second Year

MAJOR   3  
MAJOR EE 241 Circuit Analysis    4
MAJOR ENGR 250 Engineering Mechanics-Statics ENGR 252 Photonic & Power Solid State Devices  3 3
MAJOR ENGR 253L An Introduction to Computer-Aided Design ENGR 254L 3D Computer-aided Design  1 1
COGNATE PHYS 270 (W) Elements of Modern Physics  4  
COGNATE MATH 222 Calculus III MATH 341 Differential Equations  4 4
COGNATE CHEM 112-113 (E) General and Analytical Chemistry 1 3 3
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Elective   3
    18 18

Total: 72 Credits

1EE Major Elective may be substituted for CHEM 113.

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