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Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, BS

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One of the oldest in Pennsylvania, the program dates from 1970. It is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, the recognized accrediting body for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering and technology.

The program focuses on the underlying concepts of computing with an emphasis on software engineering. Mastery of these concepts requires, not only substantial practice, but also an understanding of the underlying theory. The program is supplemented with courses in mathematics and the natural sciences and culminates in the Computer Projects course, in which students undertake a project in collaboration with a faculty advisor. The program prepares students for advanced study and wide-ranging professional careers in computing, including software development.

Computer Science and Computer Information Systems students with strong undergraduate records may be accepted and dually enrolled in the graduate program in Software Engineering through the Combined Baccalaureate/Master’s degree program. Interested students are advised to contact the Software Engineering Program Director before their junior year.

For more information about the Computing Sciences department, visit its website.


Computer Science Curriculum

  Department and Number - Descriptive Title of Course Fall

First Year

MAJOR CMPS 134 Computer Science I CMPS 144 Computer Science II  3 4
COGNATE MATH 114 (Q) Calculus I    4
GE WRTG–SPCH WRTG 107 Composition COMM 100 Public Speaking  3 3
GE C/IL C/IL 102 Computing and Information Literacy  3  
GE PHIL–T/RS PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy T/RS 121 (P) Theology I: Introduction to the Bible  3 3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective   3
GE QUAN MATH 142 (Q) Discrete Structures  4  
GE FSEM INTD 100 Freshman Seminar  1  
GE PHED PHED ELECT - Physical Education   1
    17 18

Second Year

MAJOR CMPS 240 Data Structures and Algorithms CMPS 250 Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming  3 3
MAJOR CMPS 260 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science    3
COGNATE MATH 221 Calculus II  4  
GE NSCI NSCI ELECT1 - Natural Science Elective
4-4.5 4-4.5
GE PHIL–T/RS PHIL 210 Ethics T/RS 122 (P) Theology II: Introduction to Christian Theology  3 3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Elective   3
GE PHED PHED ELECT - Physical Education 1 1
    15-15.5 17-17.5

Third Year

MAJOR CMPS 352 Operating Systems CMPS 344 Programming Languages  3 3
MAJOR CMPS 340 File Processing –CMPS ELECT2 - Comp. Sci. Elective
4 3
MAJOR CMPS 350 Computer Architecture CMPS 374 (W) Fundamentals of Software Engineering  3 3
COGNATE MATH 310 Applied Probability and Mathematical Statistics  4  
COGNATE NSCI ELECT1 - Natural Science Elective   3-4
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Elective 3  
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Elective   3
    17 15-16

Fourth Year

MAJOR CMPS 490 (W) Computer Projects  3  
MAJOR CMPS ELECT2 - Major Electives   6
COGNATE MATH - Math or NSCI ELECT - Natural Science Elective 1, 3 3  
GE PHIL PHIL 214 (P) Computers and Ethics    3
GE HUMN HUMN ELECT - Humanities Electives 3 3
GE S/BH S/BH ELECT - Social/Behavioral Elective 3  
GE ELECT FREE ELECT - Free Elective 3 3
    15 15

Total: 129-131 Credits

1 Computer Science majors must complete at least 12 credits of science courses, including a two-semester sequence in a laboratory science for science or engineering majors. Qualifying sequences include PHYS 140/140L -PHYS 141/141L , CHEM 112-113  and BIOL 141 -BIOL 142 . (Other sequences require approval of the department.) The remaining credits must be satisfied by departmentally approved courses that enhance the student’s ability to apply the scientific method.

2 Major electives must be chosen from CMPS 341 , CMPS 354 , CMPS 356 , CMPS 358 , CMPS 360 , CMPS 362 , CMPS 364 , CMPS 370 , CMPS 372 , CMPS 376 , CMPS 384 , CMPS 393 , CMPS 440  and CMPS 481 .

3 Either a mathematics course at the 300 level or above or a science course approved by the department.

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