Jul 05, 2020  
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latin American Studies and Women’s Studies (LA/W/S)

Latin American Studies

Associate Faculty

Susan Méndez, Ph.D., Director of Latin American Studies
Michael Allison, Ph.D.
Aiala Levy, Ph.D.
Kevin Nordberg Ph.D
Yamile Silva Gualteros, Ph.D.
Ana Ugarte, Ph.D.
Janice Voltzow, Ph.D.


Women’s and Gender Studies

Associate Faculty

Jean Harris, Ph.D., Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
Marzia Caporale, Ph.D.
Marian Farrell, Ph.D.
Michael Friedman, Ph.D.
Aiala Levy, Ph.D.
Susan Méndez, Ph.D.
Kimberly Pavlick, Ph.D.
Virginia Picchietti, Ph.D.
Susan Poulson, Ph.D.
Meghan Rich, Ph.D.
Yamile Silva Gualteros, Ph.D.
Ileana Szymanski, Ph.D.
Loreen Wolfer, Ph.D.
Habib Zanzana, Ph.D.

Affiliated Faculty

Josephine Dunn, Ph.D.
Billie Tadros, Ph.D.
Gretchen Van Dyke, Ph.D.
Stephen Whittaker, Ph.D.


The Department of Latin American Studies and Women’s Studies houses the two largest interdisciplinary programs at The University of Scranton. While each program functions autonomously, both share a common administrative structure and a commitment to providing extra- and co-curricular programming to supplement their curricular offerings, and both are organized around the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study of social, political, and cultural issues. The governance structure of the department is intended to foster these goals and to insure our commitment to multiple forms of faculty involvement in the teaching, research, and service activities of the department. The department offers two majors, one in Latin American Studies and one in Women’s and Gender Studies.

The Department currently offers two concentrations, which are the equivalent of multi-disciplinary minors, one in Latin American Studies, and one in Women’s and Gender Studies. Most courses in the concentrations are cross-listed with other departments and may be counted towards completion of a concentration as well as other requirements that the course might fulfill (e.g., GE, major, minor, or cognate).

Course Information

Courses for Latin American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies have many prefixes because most courses are cross-listed with other departments.  In addition, we run courses that count for both Latin American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies with the prefix LAWS; courses that count for Women’s and Gender Studies with the prefix WOMN and courses that count for Latin American Studies with the prefix LAS.

For a list of Latin American Studies courses, visit our Latin American Studies, BA  page.  For a list of Women’s and Gender Studies courses visit our Women’s and Gender Studies, BA  page. For course information on all courses offered, visit our Course Descriptions  page.

For more information about the Latin American Studies and Women’s Studies department, visit its website.