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Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011 
Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kania School of Management

The Kania School of Management will be a top-tier, master’s-level business school that attracts students from across the globe and transforms them into responsible business leaders in the Jesuit tradition. It will be the major academic resource for business and economic development in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


The Kania School of Management is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Arthur J. Kania School of Management is to provide a Jesuit-inspired business education, within a culture of excellence, that prepares women and men for success. To achieve this mission, the Kania School of Management of The University of Scranton is committed to:

  • Instilling intellectual curiosity and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Disseminating and creating knowledge.
  • Facilitating student development of business skills and independent thinking.
  • Fostering a comprehension of, and sensitivity to, international issues and social justice.
  • Modeling personal integrity and ethical decision making.
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for service to others.

Departmental Programs

Eight programs are available in the Kania School of Management: Accounting, Business Administration, Electronic Commerce, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Operations Management. In addition, a B.S. in Economics is jointly offered with the College of Arts and Sciences. These programs prepare the student for a career in business or for graduate study. In addition to the requirements of the major and the business core, students in the Kania School of Management will complete the same general education core as students in the other undergraduate colleges. At least 50% of the major and business core credits must be earned at The University of Scranton. Apart from minor exceptions, which require the explicit approval of the dean of the school, the student will spend the senior year in residence at the University. The Kania School of Management is a member of the SAP University Alliance. This program enhances the value of the curriculum by placing the latest information technology in the classroom to give the next generation of business leaders a real-world advantage. The school has a fully operational SAP R/3 system for instructional use. Members of the faculty have been specifically trained by SAP America and are integrating Enterprise Resource Planning systems in appropriate classes.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate in a business major, in addition to the 2.00 minimum grade-point average (GPA) overall, the student must have earned a minimum 2.00 GPA in both the major and business core course work.

The student must also complete the requirements outlined in the Kania School of Management Professional Development Passport Program. For information about the Passport program, please contact the Kania Professional Development Center, 300 Brennan Hall, or e-mail Assistant Dean Paul Perhach at perhachp1@scranton.edu.


A minor in general Business is available to non-business students with the exception of students majoring in Chemistry-Business, Electronics-Business and Economics (KSOM only). It consists of 21 credits:

The last five must be taken after the other courses, and may be taken no earlier than the junior year. Minors in Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Economics, Electronic Commerce, Finance, Management of People and Teams, Management of Structures and Systems, and Operations Management are described under those respective programs.

Business Cognate

Non-Business students with special needs may pursue a personal cognate in Business, but may not take more than 25% of their total credit hours in Business. With the approval of his or her advisor, the student is free to select a variable number of Business courses. However, the prerequisites stated in the catalog must be observed, and upper-division courses may not be taken before the junior year.

Math Options

Two math options are available to Business majors:

Option I* (6 credits)

MATH 107 - (Q) Quantitative Methods II    
MATH 108 - Quantitative Methods III 

Option II* (8 credits)

MATH 114 - (Q) Calculus I 
MATH 221 - Calculus II 

Both options cover the topics of calculus. Option I takes an applied approach; Option II a theoretical approach.

* Students are tested for math placement during summer orientation. On the basis of these tests and their high school background it will be recommended that some students take Option II, especially if they expect to pursue graduate studies. The majority of students will be placed in Option I, and may also be required to take MATH 106: Quantitative Methods I as a prerequisite to taking MATH 107.

Business Leadership Program

Robert L. McKeage, Ph.D., Director

See the Business Leadership Honors Program .


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Economics and Finance

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Interdisciplinary Majors

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Marketing and Management

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Operations Management

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