Aug 25, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship minor provides students of any major within the University with a practical understanding of entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for success.  Students have the opportunity to submit business plans developed as part of the minor to external business plan competitions.  An entrepreneurship internship or project is an integral part of the minor.

The minor consists of 18 credits for non-business majors and 16 credits for business school majors.  The first course, ENTR 372 , is capped at 20 students effectively limiting each year’s cohort of entrepreneurship majors and minors to 20 students.  Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to contact the program director for more information about the minor. 

Minor courses, which begin in the fall of the junior year and must be taken in sequence, are as follow

Class Year




ENTR 372 - The Entrepreneurial Mindset  

ENTR 362 - Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs   (non-business majors)

ENTR 363 - Applied Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs  (business majors)

  ENTR 373 - Business Creativity and Innovation  
  ENTR 480 - The Entrepreneurial Capstone Business Experience or Internship  (2 credits)

ENTR 477 - The Entrepreneurial Business Plan  

ENTR 480 - The Entrepreneurial Capstone Business Experience or Internship  (1credit)

ENTR 478 - Social Entrepreneurship  


 For more information on the Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship department, visit its website.